Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I love sewing with felt, it's so simple and the strong colours make the finished article quite striking. I've done some plain gingham hearts for the Christmas tree but the felts ones are my favourite.

All you need is a simple heart template made from baking parchment. Pin  the template to the felt and cut out 2 hearts.

Take one of the hearts and sew on decoration of your choice, I chose 3 white buttons for mine to match the stitching but you can choose sequins, a single button or embroider your own pattern on.

On your second heart pin in place a ribbon to hang the decoration from and pin together the 2 hearts.

Then you need to sew around the heart in a running stitch (making sure you stitch through the ribbon as you go), until you have almost reached your starting point.

Use the gap to fill the heart with toy stuffing, you do need quite a bit but be careful not to over stuff it.

Once the heart has been filled you can finish off stitching the heart, finishing off when you reach the end and tucking the knot into the seam.

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