Saturday, 16 October 2010


It's been a baking week again in the house as I've been planning a birthday cake for my dad.
It wasn't too complex but took a little time to make the truffles to go ontop of the cake as they had to set at each stage.
The cake is just a chocolate sponge (from Rachel Allen's bake) sandwiched with chocolate buttercream and coated in the same cream to allow the fingers to be stuck around the edge. The top was decorated with the handmade truffles and a ribbon around the edge kept all the fingers in place and finished off the cake nicely. I wouldn't recommend a lot of this cake at once, it's very rich, saying that though my husband managed to polish off a large piece with no trouble but then he's more of a chocaholic than me!
I'll post the recipe for the truffles later on.

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