Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Yesterday evening was spent making up a batch of plum jam.

1.8kg plums
1.8kg sugar
1 pint water

First you need to give the plums a rinse and then wipe them. Chop them in half and put into a preserving (or large) pan with the water.

Simmer gently until the fruit becomes soft and pulpy.

Next you need to add the sugar to the pan.

Bring to the boil and remove the stones as they rise to the top. Boil rapidly until you have reached setting point.
I find the easiest way is to put a plate in the fridge/freezer and once it has been boiling for 10mins or so take the plate out, put a small blob onto the plate and if it has reached setting point then the jam will wrinkle when you push it.
You can also test by lifting some liquid on the spoon and tip it off so the liquid runs down the back of the spoon. If it has reached the right temperature the liquid doesn't drip off in several drips but rather coagulates into one clot as it runs off.
This batch of jam seemed to take forever to reach setting point, more like 20mins.

 Skim any scum off the top of the jam.

 Pot your jam into clean and sterilised jars and seal with wax discs or tight fitting lids.

I had a small amount left over which I put in the fridge to test out this morning, we all ate it for breakfast and it tasted lovely, can't wait until toast time tomorrow!

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