Sunday, 22 January 2012



I received Mary Berry's Baking Bible for Christmas. What a brilliant book it is too, with so many lovely and not too challenging things inside I was spoilt for choice about what to bake first.
After surveying the contents of the baking cupboard there appeared to be a lot of remnants from the Christmas baking so I decided on the Marmalade cake to use up these said items.
Now I was a little nervous of this cake as I was having visions of the Marmalade cake in series one of the Great British Bake Off which sunk in the middle. However, Mary's book gives you tips at the beginning and throughout the recipe so I felt in safe hands.

It was a relatively easy recipe which everything was combined in the bowl and mixed before putting into a prepared loaf tin.Once it was cool some warmed marmalade was spooned over the top.

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