Wednesday, 11 January 2012



A friend of mine brought her little baby girl home from the neonatal unit last week so I baked some cupcakes to take around when we visited on Thursday.

The basic cupcake recipe was used and baked in a silver muffin case.

FOOTPRINT - using white sugarpaste cut out a circle about the same size as the top of the cupcake using a cookie cutter. Spread the top of the cake with a little buttercream and smooth it down. place the white circle ontop of the cake and smooth it gently so it lies flat.
Put a few drops of pink food colouring onto some white sugarpaste and gently fold over the sugarpaste, repeat until you have worked the colour through and the sugarpaste is an even pink colour. Roll out the sugarpaste to 0.5cm thick. Use a cocktail stick  to mark out the main shape of a  foot. Cut out the shape with a sharp knife. Using a fine paintbrush dab a little water into the centre of the covered cupcake and place the foot ontop. To make the toes roll a small amount of sugarpaste into a ball and flatten slightly with your fingers. Repeat s4 times decreasing the size of the ball each time Dab some water where you want each toe and gently place on.
You can sprinkle some pink edible glitter over the foot to give it a bit of sparkle.

ROSE SWIRL - using a 1C wilton nozzle start piping from the centre of the cake outwards slightly overlapping the icing as you go. This looks good as a two tone icing. To do this put some coloured paste in the icing bag and press the bag together, use your hands to smooth the paste along the inside of the bag until the inside is coated with colour. Fill the icing bag with buttercream and squeeze out a little on a plate until the coloured edged icing comes through.

WHIPPY STYLE - Using a wilton 1M pipe a ring of buttercream ontop of the cake, stop piping then start again in the opposite direction ontop of the circle already piped bringing the icing to a point. decorate with sprinkles and glitter.

You could make a variety of sugar paste topped cakes to go into the box or stick to one type to fill a cupcake box. Buttons, bottles, bibs etc would all look good as would initials of a baby's name. Wish I'd had a bit more time to get creative however my 10 week old is having one of those refusing to sleep weeks!

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