Monday, 26 March 2012


So on my list of things to have a go at has been teacup candles. I have been wanting to do these for years and I finally got around to ordering the bits and pieces I needed.
Unfortunately the first set of wicks that came were too short for the cups that I bought, slight oversight there. I ordered a second lot of longer wicks from ebay but after 10 days they still hadn't arrived. Mother's day was fast approaching so it called for a rethink.
Instead of the hot chocolate candles in a mug I had hoped to do I had to use some glass containers that used to hold an ikea candle as the wick was the right length.
I'm still waiting for those wicks 3 weeks later, I don't think they're coming!

The key with these is to use a themometer as the fragrance and colourings have to been added at certain temperatures so it's a worthwhile investment if you're going to have a go at candlemaking. Once I've had a few more go's with some other colours and fragrances I'll post some more details.
The photo was taken before the wick was trimmed, it needs to be trimmed to 1cm to make sure it burns properly. 

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