Monday, 18 July 2011


Again this is the same basic cupcake recipe (see St Patricks Day cupcakes) and decorated simply with fondant.

Once the cake is cooked and cooled you might need to slice the top of the cakes off to make them flatter.
(chefs bonus here as you get to eat all the pieces!)
Spread a small amount of buttercream ontop of the cake and try to keep it as level as possible.
Roll out your fondant (I just used white here as I wanted to keep it simple) and cut it out using a round cutter in a similar size to your cupcake.
Place the fondant circle ontop of the cake and smooth over if necessary.
Using a daisy cutter punch out a your daisy shapes. Using a bone tool press gently in the middle of the daisy to create a dip in the middle of the flower.
Mix some fondant with some yellow food colouring or paste and make a small ball for the daisy centres.
Use a small paintbrush to paint a little bit of water ontop of the cake in the middle to help the fondant daisy stick.
Then place your daisy in the middle of the cupcake. Using the paintbrush again put a small amount of water on the centre of the daisy and add the rolled yellow fondant ball.

You can use the same method to make any topping you wish. I also did some butterflies in pink and purple sprinkled with a bit of glitter to finish.

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