Monday, 18 July 2011


I had been so excited about my new Wilton nozzle arriving this morning so I could have a go at some rose style cupcakes but the postman came and no nozzle!
I still had a go anyway using a similar plastic nozzle I already had and the result wasn't too bad.
I made the icing by painting a coloured paste (grape violet) inside a disposable piping bag.
Then you fill the piping bag with buttercream.
Squeeze a little bit out until the purple starts to come through. 
There are loads of tutorials and videos out there on how to pipe a rose but basically using a nozzle in the style of the Wilton 1M you start at the centre of the cupcake and pipe in circles moving outwards.
As you pipe it give the tops of the icing a coloured effect.
Then there had to be a sprinkling of lilac glitter to finish the cakes off!

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